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Zogoflex Toys


Designer: Fideaux


These rough and tough toys are made out of Zogoflex.  Guaranteed to be indestructable and made in the USA, this material is not only tough as nails, but 100% recyclable!  Perfect for dogs that love to chase, swim (they float!) and chew.   Choose from eight shapes, two or three sizes, and three colors. The large size Jive ball fits into a standard Chuck-It stick.

Hurley Sizes: Mini 4.5" Small 6" Large 8.25"

Qwizl Sizes: Small 5.5" Large 6.5"

Toppl Sizes: Small 3" Large 4"

Tux Sizes: Small 4" Large 5"

Tizzi Sizes: Small 4.5" Large 7"

Bumi Sizes: Small 8" Large 9.5"

Zisc Sizes: Small 6.5" Large 8.5"

Jive Sizes: Mini 2" Small 2.5" Large 3.25"

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