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Zogoflex Toys


Designer: Fideaux


These rough and tough toys are made out of Zogoflex.

Every dog deserves a durable toy that provides hours of fun. That’s why ZogoFlex toys are non-toxic and nearly indestructible.  

 Perfect for dogs that love to chase, swim (they float!) and chew.   Choose from eight shapes, two or three sizes, and three colors. The large size Jive ball fits into a standard Chuck-It stick.

Hurley Sizes: Mini 4.5" Small 6" Large 8.25"

Qwizl Sizes: Small 5.5" Large 6.5"

Toppl Sizes: Small 3" Large 4"

Tux Sizes: Small 4" Large 5"

Tizzi Sizes: Small 4.5" Large 7"

Bumi Sizes: Small 8" Large 9.5"

Zisc Sizes: Small 6.5" Large 8.5"

Jive Sizes: Mini 2" Small 2.5" Large 3.25"

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